Biofuse 2.0: Plunge Into the Future

  • Biofuse 2.0: Plunge Into the Future

    A Refreshed visual Identity for our best new Biofuse 2.0 goggles

    • Featuring our best-selling Speedo Biofuse® technology for flexible comfort every time you swim.
    • Super-soft seals with a new groove design, offering the same best-selling fit.
    • New flexible and strong internal frame design, stretches and adapts for a super-snug fit- and provides superior stability.
    • Newly crafted lens shape, offering excellent peripheral vision. Chrome mirror coated lenses for reduced brightness and glare - ideal for regular & light swimmers
    • Brand-new patent-pending push button mechanism for fast & secure fitting
    • Stylish low-profile strap with traction gears for a secure & comfortable fit.
    • A spray Anti-fog coating provides crystal clear vision.
    • Ultimate UV protection with polycarbonate lenses that feature UV400 protection